L’esprit et la matière

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Prochainement disponible sur notre site, la traduction du livre d’Edward Whitmont, médecin homéopathe, anthroposophe et psychanalyste.

“Psyché and substance” … Providing an understanding of the nature of the archetypal form-patterns that express themselves in the similarity between substance and psychosomatic dynamics, this collection explores why this similarity is a basic factor in the healing process.

Le 27 Septembre 1998, le Dr. Edward Christopher Whitmont d’origine autrichienne décédait aux USA …

Born in Vienna in 1912, Dr. Whitmont received his medical degree from the University of Vienna in 1934, then immigrated to the United States four years later. His interest in Jungian psychology was sparked by a patient who sought Dr. Whitmont’s help because ”a dream told me to come to you.” His interest in homeopathy sprang from an acquaintance with the homeopathist Elizabeth Wright Hubbard. Dr. Whitmont later traveled to Switzerland to meet Jung, and they corresponded.

His 1969 book, ”The Symbolic Quest” was the first to apply the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung’s writings on archetypes to the therapist’s daily work with patients. The book became essential for clinicians seeking an understanding of Jung. A later book, ”Psyche and Substance” (1980), explored the connections between Jungian theory and homeopathic medicine, and in ”Return of the Goddess” (1982), Dr. Whitmont emphasized the role of the feminine in human psychology.



A propos de l'auteur
Jean Yves Henry
Médecin généraliste, homéopathe et acupuncteur. Auteur d'une dizaine d'ouvrages, il coordonne l'enseignement de confrères de toutes spécialités pour promouvoir l'aspect intégré de ce télé-enseignement médical et para-médical.