What kind of medicine for tomorow?

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What kind of medicine for tomorow?

It is a book in two parts:

— A first part of introduction in the method of the HNP (Health Nutrition Profile) – examination sérologique simple which is going to highlight your various weaknesses of ground and will propose you an adapted physiological treatment. Also look: www.mybiobox.com
— A second part describes physiological and economic solutions to the bankruptcy of our health system. How identify the disorders which underlie your symptoms and to choose the corrective elements.

In brief, a small work ” every public ” who is an initiation on second thought on the ” medicines of ground “.

Read : PPT BNS anglais (Reckeweg)

A propos de l'auteur
Jean Yves Henry
Médecin généraliste, homéopathe et acupuncteur. Auteur d'une dizaine d'ouvrages, il coordonne l'enseignement de confrères de toutes spécialités pour promouvoir l'aspect intégré de ce télé-enseignement médical et para-médical.